About us

iNubex is gen-y IT Services company, helping customer to adopt cloud and mobility solution to increase efficiency in business process. Today we have customer base spread across UAE, Australia, US and India.

What’s in a name?

Well, just about everything we stand for! In a newly designed word, we have managed to explain our business, which is why it makes us stand out and helps us connect with our clients.

iNubex is an amalgamation of three words that describe our motivation, our core, and our aims.

i is the "i" from Apple, the same "i" that transformed the world. Apple needs no introduction, no marketing, and definitely no promotion. One day (hopefully very soon), we aim at accomplishing the same.

Nube is French for cloud, which is core methodology of delivering technology solutions.

X , is because we do not have pre-concived solution to start of discussion, for us that is old school of thought. agility and adoptive approach.

iNubex Approach & Proposition

iNubex Approach

We constantly strive for
  • how we can help continuous optimizing business process of our customers
  • how technology can be enabler to increase market share of our customers

And our approach is to take end to end ownership of solution consulting and implementation to deliver results and wherever possible to deliver IT on-tap…

iNubex Proposition

  • its always and only about output & results and less of technology
  • Successmeteris how much we saved or contributed to business of our customers
  • Its not always new product and new solution. There is treasures hidden in existing IT landscapes
  • Out of the box thought process
Team Profiles

Ajay Pohekar

When he is not giving his all at a marathon, he is seen in the kitchen cooking up something innovative for his loved ones. That's what defines Ajay – passion and fun. He is an avid marathon runner with a zest to participate and sweat it in the spirit of various causes. Plus, it keeps him fit and dandy. He has been sponsoring education for three children since 2011 and wishes to start a school for the underprivileged in the future.

Ajay has many more feathers to his cap, one of them being working with top MNCs and system integrators around the globe. He is well-versed with just about every aspect of IT services including sales, project implementation, and customer acquisition through vast experience. He was also the project manager for one of Asia's biggest BI projects. He is a risk-taker and dislikes the notion of anything standard. He believes in making different things be it engagement or new technology to be deployed.

With iNubex, Ajay aims at emphasizing on enabling the business through a thorough understanding of the thought process and individual personality.

Every brand is unique and iNubex tailors solutions according to specific needs. Bringing businesses to the top has more to do with enabling them using technology as the medium. iNubex is very close to his heart, having painstakingly developed it from scratch. He puts his soul into mastering each aspect of it so that clients are given high-end solutions. Despite being the founder, he refuses to acknowledge the designation system.

Ajay is in the process of the international expansion of iNubex and launching three different platforms: UniDesk, Tech4Hotels, and iTravelz.