Introducing Zoho One Minute: A series of short videos to help users make the most out of Zoho One

Worldwide, people have been pushed to live within the confines of their home, searching for help online more than ever. For example:

In India, Zoho’s home ground where 1.3 billion people have been on lockdown, Google India reported a 20% surge in searches for 5-minute cooking recipes on YouTube.

Worldwide, there has been a significant rise in the number of ‘how to’ queries on Google. Some of them include, “how to make sanitizers at home,” “how to workout at home,” and “how to stay connected,” among other queries.

There has also been a massive growth in queries like “learn online” (over 85%) and “at-home learning” (78%) worldwide

In the era of distancing, we are all learning something new. 

Now that people are working towards becoming self-sufficient, time is of the essence.

Don’t you agree that short videos are a perfect way to learn something new?

They are to the point and more actionable.

In that same spirit of providing useful tips in a short time, we have kick-started Zoho One Minute, a series of short 1-to-3-minute videos to help our users and customers make the most out of Zoho One.


Through these handy videos, we will walk you through concepts you need to know in Zoho One, from the most basic to the most advanced, like:

  • Getting started with Zoho One: Zoho One implementation and adoption best practices
  • Zoho One features, built-in integrations, and use cases
  • Useful Zoho One tips, how-tos, time savers, and best practices
  • Making use of smart services and customization tools in Zoho One
  • Looking at how Zoho One can be used for your industry
  • Extending Zoho One by activating new functionalities as your business grows
Our goal is to make it easier for you to rev up your company’s digital transformation journey through this series.

Here’s a quick rundown of the videos we have published so far:

  • Power of Unified Communications
    Use the unified communication service in Zoho One to chat with individuals and groups, initiate audio calls and video calls across devices, and even share your screen. Explore the communication bar that spans across the Zoho One platform. It facilitates contextual communication.
  • Find information easily with Zia Search
    Zia Search enhances your searching experience in Zoho One. Watch this video to learn how Zia Search fetches results from apps across Zoho One, such as CRM, Cliq, Connect, Mail, WorkDrive, Desk, and more.
  • Take action on your search results and save more time
    In this second video on Zia Search, find out why Zia Search is a huge time saver. Learn how to perform quick actions in the Zia Search interface instead of launching numerous applications to perform the same actions.
  • Make your Projects more successful by bringing every element together
    Look at how Zoho One can help with Integrated Project Management. Zoho One has apps that can manage all the aspects of your project like chats, meetings, documents, and more. Make use of the built-in integrations between apps like Zoho Projects, CRM, and Connect to manage projects successfully.
  •  Bring all your favorite apps under one roof
    Learn how you can use Marketplace in Zoho One to add and manage your favourite applications, all from a single location.
  •  Get contracts, agreements, and other documents signed in minutes
    Send documents to your customers, employees, and vendors and have them add their digital signatures. Learn how you can automate contracts and save a ton of time.
  •  Remote team communication best practices
    Various apps and services in Zoho One can keep remote teams connected. See how choosing the right mix of effective communication tools can make your remote team more productive.
  •  Get Zia to automate your repetitive tasks
    Zia, our AI engine, can generate reports, keep an eye on customer behaviour, pre-populate responses that your support agents can send out in a click, and more. Zia frees up your time by automating repetitive tasks, allowing you to do more creative and impactful work.
  •  Zoho One security best practices, Part 1
    Data breaches are on the rise. Learn what you can do to secure your business’s data. In this video, we will show you how you can monitor events to detect and act on abnormal behaviour, optimize identity management and tighten access controls, and securely delegate admin responsibilities.
  •  Zoho One security best practices, Part 2
    There’s a lot more you can do to protect your data. Learn how you can configure multiple security policies, enable SSO, set-up MFA, create strong passwords and effectively manage user sessions.

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