iNubex is a gen-Y IT Services company. With our single-minded focus on Customer Experience and delivery objectives, we help our customers adopt cloud and mobility solutions to increase efficiency in the business process. CRM, Enterprise Telephony, and Application development are our key services offerings. Through our two Global Delivery Centers, we serve customers in 5 countries.

What is iNubex?

Well, just about everything we stand for! In a newly designed world, we have managed to explain our business, which is why it makes us stand out and helps us connect with our clients.
iNubex is an amalgamation of three words i+ Nube+X that describe our motivation, our core, and our aim.


is from Apple, the same "i" that transformed the world. Apple needs no introduction, no marketing, and definitely no promotion. Someday, (hopefully very soon), we aim at accomplishing the same.


is French for cloud, which is the core methodology of delivering technology solutions.


is because we do not have a preconceived solution in mind to start a discussion; for us that is old school.

What our new corporate identity say:

Colour Gradient in logo:

-It represents the characteristics of coordination with all stakeholders , as we commit towards a common goal and success and deliver as a team instead of just resources deployed.

- It represents the characteristics of youthfulness and energy of our team, true to our average age 27 yrs.

"X" Character in logo:

- Everyone needs a starting point to reach their goal, so does the IT Industry, where in the world changed after C: do you remember the good old command-line interface?.

-X is the only big thing after ZERO in math that has the capacity to solve any critical equations; and true to our attitude, "no problem is bigger till it is defined.”

Working Methodology: OKR Framework


Goals that inspire and sets direction


Steps that measure progress towards defined objectives


Tasks required to drive progress of key results

iNubex was born with the knowledge and experience of managing the complexities of multi-staged enterprise operations, globally. There are quite a few management principles that exist but the most successful, OKR principle. hyper-growth new-age companies such as Google are the best examples..

In iNubex, we have imbibed our business strategy and global service delivery operations based on the OKR principle due to which, the iNubex team is inclusive, aligned, and focused on final objectives.

Click to know how we manage our operations using the OKR principle


KLAYLab is a Research & Development outfit within iNubex. The objective of this unit is to identify niche and task-specific solution gaps in industry verticals. The KLAYLab team takes any innovation during this research as an obvious outcome

Our Framework to identify this niche and task-specific solution are:

  • identified gap has to be niche and address a specific task
  • unit economy has to be the lowest possible or such that customers don't hesitate to pay
  • unit economy has to be per transaction

Explore first batch of KLAYLab products :


Best check-in experience for guests at an affordable cost.


The first & last touch point in the hospitality industry is Valet parking, which is often ignored. BingoVALET is the solution , to help hotels extract maximum value from their valet service.


Our Team


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iNubex is gen-Y IT services company, providing Applications and Product development, CRM, Enterprise Telephony services

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